How to get rid of litter box odor permanently?

Every cat owner appreciates the love, companionship, and peacefulness their furry friends provide. That in mind, most pet owners reciprocate the love their cats provide by providing them with a clean and safe living environments. The difficulty of ensuring cats live in a clean, bacteria-free home lies in utilizing the wrong tools to remove the foul odors emerging from their litter boxes on a daily basis. Fortunately for cat owners, the pet market now retails the greatest litter box odor eliminator. No more purchasing useless, expensive, odor eliminators and cat litter that simply mask foul odors. KittyVent is the best odor eliminating cat litter, and everyone coexisting with cats should definitely try it.  Currently, 99% of the users recommend its effectiveness as it ventilates pesky litter box odors from households instantly.

What makes KittyVent so effective and great? First of all the litter box odor eliminator operates via a powerful, silent, low voltage fan that connects to any hooded litter box and all windows (vertical and horizontal) with the enclosed, adjustable, window bracket. It’s simple installation, safety features and weatherproofing make KittyVent the best odor eliminating cat litter device on the pet market.  

Cat owners no longer need to worry about finding the best cat litter for odor control, KittyVent eliminates the need to splurge on expensive types of litter box sands and having to clean out the box every day or every time the cat defecates. By simply connecting KittyVent to their cats litter box, it promises to instantly remove any cat fecal odors. Even the self-proclaimed best cat litter for odor control – cannot beat the innovation and performance of KittyVent! Stop wasting time and money cat owners!