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How to Get Rid of Cat Urine Smell





Cats are beautiful, fun and loving animals, and millions of us know the pleasure of having cats in our homes. But there is something that we could all do with an answer for, and that is knowing how to get rid of cat smell that can overwhelm your home. However, instead of trying to find the best cat litter for odor control or a no smell litter box, now there is an answer, and that is the litter box smell eliminator, KITTYVENT.

KITTYVENT is simply the best litter box odor eliminator on the market today. It is simple to install, easy to operate and performs incredibly, giving your cat their own personal cat little odor eliminator. Instead of wasting time thinking about ways to get rid of cat smell or what the best odor eliminating cat litter is, just install KITTYVENT and your home will smell fresh all day, every day.

KITTYVENT consist of a powerful but quiet fan, a custom made expandable window bracket, power adaptor and accessories to help you fit it. It is the perfect answer to knowing how to get rid of cat urine smells from your home. It acts as an air purifier, cat litter smells are directed out of the cat box, through the hose and vent outside, keeping the litter tray smelling fresh. This litter box odor eliminator is simple to set up, it even includes a template to cut the hole in the litter box for the extraction hose, and thanks to the weatherproof stripping and sash lock, will fit any window for great performance any time of year.

Instead of wondering how to get rid of cat pee smell, KITTYVENT means your home is always fresh, your cat is happier, and you no longer need to worry about the cat litter smell. Its quiet and effective, but doesn’t disturb your cat either, we all know how fussy they can be. Instead, the fan is kept away from the litter box, and draws the smells out and through the window vent. Now the best cat litter for smells is any cat litter, because KITTYVENT will get rid of all the smells for you, all the time. With KITTYVENT, you know how to remove cat urine smell from your home, you just switch your cat litter odor eliminator on, and the smell is gone.


It took me about 5 minutes to get it setup on the window. I am impressed of how fast the smell disappeared from my house. It was well worth the wait. Keep up the good work guys!


Great odor eliminator. I tried many things over the past couple years to eliminate litter box odor. Nothing clears the air like Kitty Vent. It gets rid of odor like a boss... Now my friends and family say my house doesn’t smell like cats anymore. This product is fantastic


Magical! My home became much fresher since I started using this. I just installed it on the living room window. Now I ordered another one for my daughter’s apartment.


OKAY, this amazed me. My house always smell like litter box and within minutes of powering kitty vent, all the bad odors were gone. IT REALLY WORKS.


Who would think this would make such a big difference in the foul litter box odor of our home?? Oh my gosh, The nasty smell was disgusting and overwhelming and embarrassing. Kitty Vent completely obliterated the smell from my home. Great product. I finally found something to combat the smell of the cat litter box for good.


One of the best things I have got for my cat. It fits on my bedroom window and it runs in the background. Awesome product. In short, Kitty Vent is amazing. It is silent yet powerful enough to get rid of the nasty odor of the litter box. i had to buy a new box since kittyvent litter box is not yet available, but i am very happy with this new addition to the bedroom. kittyvent Customer service is the best. They kept me up to date on the production and shipping process. Thank you, Glad I backed this project.


After 2 weeks and my parent’s house is still odor free. It is a night and day difference when this is installed on the litter box. This is a miracle ! Highly recommend