How to get rid of cat urine smell..... Permanently?

Most cat owners can attest that although they love their furry friends, they loathe and detest the odors deriving from their litter box or in many cases litter boxes. The odor problems litter boxes create lead many cat owners to ponder a variety of questions and embark on quests for solutions, all while asking themselves– how to get rid of cat urine smell, how to remove cat urine smell and how to get rid of cat smells. Of course, it’s not a simple task to pursue and often leads cat owners on endless DIY projects, which are costly and provide no results. Luckily, a group of cat lovers such as yourself, have launched the ultimate litter box odor eliminator also known as KittyVent, which offers the answer to all your litter box odor related questions stemming from how to get rid of cat urine smell.

Gone are the days cat owners feared going home after a long day at work, only to be welcomed by a stinky litter box. At last, homeowners can finally rejoice with a real odor-eliminating product. Cat owners can simply connect KittyVent to their pre-existing hooded litter box, any window in their home and just like that, enjoy clean living spaces along side their furry friends. The KittyVent odor eliminator takes less than five minutes to install, ships complete with accessories to fit onto any window, is weatherproof, causes no disturbance to feline friends and sips little to no electricity. Cat owners can stop feeling frustrated and no longer have to wonder how to remove cat urine smell with KittyVent installed in their homes.

Cat owners can now make their home unconditionally odor free with KittyVent. The embarrassment cat owners have felt by inviting their friends and family into their unpurified living spaces by using off-the-shelf odor eliminating sprays and deodorizers in attempts to figure out how to get rid of cat smell is over! KittyVent allows it’s users to bask in odor free environments, boast their living spaces, and enjoy life along side their friends, families and cats in the most effective manner. Beware, its great performance may cause homeowners to forget the litter box’s presence completely! Available for purchase at