how to get rid of cat urine smell? Kitty Vent!

Living with pets can be a beautiful experience, more specifically living with cats. For the most part, cats are less maintenance than other pets, which adds the joy of living with them, however, as much as we love coexisting with our adorable cats, their litter box is a major problem in most households. The awful odors that emerge from their litter box may lead you on a tireless, search for the “perfect” methods to remove or eliminate noxious odors. Some of these methods can be grueling, misleading or most of all a complete waste of time and money. Fortunately, for all cat owners, the KittyVent litter box odor eliminator has been created, to permanently remove awful litter box stenches from your home. KittyVent is the solution to the suffering of all cat owners, living with the stench emerging from their cats’ litter box. Ultimately, even the best cat litter for smell , cannot top the ultimate odor eliminator that is KittyVent. Its functionality has been proven to give cat owners the perfect, no smell litter box.

What does this device do? This cat litter odor eliminator boasts a very powerful, but silent fan that acts as an air purifier by connecting to an expandable window bracket, and power adapter to help you install it onto your existing hooded litter box. Once installed, Cat litter smells are directed out of the cat litter box through the hose and vented outside keeping the litter tray smelling fresh all day. KittyVent’s installation is fairly simple, it fits any window, and requires no alteration or construction to any cat household. Inclusively, the KittyVent is also weatherproof, capable of withstanding every season without difficulties. Upon installation, cat owners rejoice instantly truly proving it is the best cat litter odor eliminator on the market. Even the best cat litter for smell, cannot instantly rid homes of awful litter box odors, as KittyVent offers the ultimate no smell litter box guaranteed.

Cat owners can now bask in odor-free living spaces with the KittyVent.  If you or anyone you know loves their fluffy cats, but hate living with awful litter box smells then KittyVent is the product of you!